'There is no substitute for books in the life of a child' - Mary Ellen Chase

Off we went in 2012, when our baby boy was born, to stock up our bookshelf with amazing, colourful children's books. Of course, we soon found out that not all books were made equal. There were limitless options for English books. However, when it came to Tamil kids' books, the choices were rather dire. 

'If we can't find them, we will make them', we thought. Hence, we decided to produce our own books - that Tamil children, from all over the world, can benefit from.

We want Tamil kids to reach for the Tamil books on their bookshelves. Hence, our books aim to be of good print quality, contain colourful and engaging illustrations while incorporating elements of our culture. 

The Vaaranam brand has now grown to 6 Tamil books, including innovative elements such as lift-the-flap, touch and feel textures and even an interactive clock! We have many more ideas in the pipeline and hope to further expand our portfolio in the near future.    

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