24 May 2021

SBS Tamil

Vanitha chats with Raysel about her two new titles and the journey so far with Vaaranam Children’s Books.

tamil murasu

10 January 2021

Tamil Murasu

Vaaranam Children’s Books was featured on Tamil Murasu – Singapore’s national Tamil newspaper. Click below to read more about Vanitha’s journey.

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17 December 2020

Interview with ATBC Thulir

Vanitha chats with Kana Praba from the Australian Tamil Broadcasting Corporation about her 2 new titles – Paati Veedu and Ethirpatham.

vanakkam singai story JPG

10 January 2021

Vanakkam Singai, Oli 96.8FM

Vanitha speaks with Rafi and Guna from Oli 96.8 FM in Singapore about Vaaranam, the Tamil language and Singapore. She also shares details about one of her 2 new books.

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14 July 2020

The day my son told me he didn’t want to be Tamil… Raising a bi-racial, trilingual child is tricky business.

What20can20we20do edited

12 October 2019

What Can We Do Podcast

Vanitha speaks with Prema Menon about multilingualism and the challenges for migrant parents in passing on their language and culture in an English speaking society. 

SBS radio JPG

10 January 2021

SBS Tamil Radio

Teaching Kids to Tell the Time in Tamil. Vanitha speaks with SBS Tamil Radio’s presenter, Selvi, about her 2 latest books – Mani Enna (an interactive book teaching time) and Nirangal (a touch and feel book).

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23 February 2018

SBS Tamil Radio

We Need More Children’s Books in Tamil… Vanitha speaks with SBS Tamil Radio’s presenter, Kulasegaram Sanchayan, about why she formed Vaaranam Children’s Books and the current state of kids books in Tamil.

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26 November 2017

Off I went in 2012, when my baby boy was born, to fill up my bookshelf with amazing, colourful and engaging children’s books. Of course, I soon found out that not all books were made equal. When it came to Tamil books, the choices were rather dire.